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C.J. Zachary is a children's book author who works exclusively with her illustrator husband Zac Zachary. The husband and wife duo are both from Arkansas. They have worked in elementary education for over a decade. Zac has been an art teacher his entire career. Whereas C.J. has taught kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. She has also been a Literacy Curriculum Facilitator as well as a Dyslexia and Literacy Interventionist. The two are currently living in the south and raising their two children, one of which was the inspiration for their first book, The Awkward Avocado.


The Awkward Avocado

May 1, 2022

The Awkward Avocado is a book about acceptance and self-love whose main character does things on their own terms. Awkward Avocado is not concerned about what others think or how they should look or act in order to get someone else’s approval. Though they may feel different at times, they live life guided by their heart and they stay true to themselves. If they could send a message to everyone, it would be to love yourself and keep being you.


"Always be you."

C.J. Zachary


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