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C.J. and Zac Zachary released their first book The Awkward Avocado in May of 2022. They will be releasing two more books in the Awkward Avocado series in 2023. You can expect the second book Awkward Avocado and the Interrupting Raptor in March. A book about sibling relationships that is sure to delight.


Awkward Avocado's Christmas

September 1, 2023

Awkward Avocado is sharing her idea of Christmas. Kooky relatives, family traditions, lights, decorations, treats, gift ambitions. What do you think is the best part of Christmas? Maybe it's something not mentioned above. Maybe, just maybe, it's something that stems from love.

Awkward Avocado and The Interrupting Raptor

March 1, 2023

Growing up is hard, especially with a brother who thinks he’s a dinosaur. Awkward Avocado is back and she is dealing with a younger sibling. Meet new character Interrupting Raptor and join these two as they take you on a wild and humorous journey through a day in the life of brothers and sisters. Awkward Avocado and the Interrupting Raptor is the second book in the Awkward Avocado series. Relationships can be tough especially when it comes to a younger sibling. It's important to love yourself but it is also important to love your siblings no matter what kind of silly antics they may get into. Awkward Avocado and the Interrupting Raptor is the perfect mix of humor and heart for all siblings to enjoy.

The Awkward Avocado

May 1, 2022

The Awkward Avocado is a book about acceptance and self-love whose main character does things on their own terms. Awkward Avocado is not concerned about what others think or how they should look or act in order to get someone else’s approval. Though they may feel different at times, they live life guided by their heart and they stay true to themselves. If they could send a message to everyone, it would be to love yourself and keep being you.

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